Create Your Own Platform And Embrace The Most Powerful Network And Client-Attraction Tool Available!

On Tuesday, May 13th, 2020 we will have an exciting announcement about the launch of The Podcast Creators’ Institute™.

The pendulum has swung, as we predicted it would from the moment we introduced In-Demand Expert™.

More and more, entrepreneurs and Business Creators, like you, recognize the fastest way to connect with new prospects, attract new customers, and cement your Celebrity Brand in your community, market, and audience (not to mention get booked faster on other people’s shows) is to host your own.

Our proven, first-of-its-kind system takes you by the hand and walks you through:

  • Branding, designing, and setting up your new podcast

  • Creating your intro and outro scripts

  • Identifying your First Division Launch Lineup of guests who partner with you to bring your show to market in a big way

  • Prepare your guests for MEMORABLE interviews

  • Integrate powerful hosting techniques (and conversation skills) as not only thing you do well, but things that part of your natural way of being

  • Designing, programming, and launching your dedicated podcast website quickly (yes, you need a dedicated website – and we’ll show you how this gets you more customers)

  • Developing your “Long Game” to make this the most powerful and useful tool in your chest for growing your business and brand

  • And much, much more!

More announcements will be posted here as they become available.