Module #2: Branding and Designing Your Show (Including Intro/Outro and Commercials)

As with all video modules, a Table of Contents with timestamps can be found directly beneath the video so you can easily find what you need and know where you are in the process at all times.


[00:15] Introduction to this module and what we cover

[03:04] The 12 “building block” questions you must answer first

[06:07] Creating your title, tagline, and description

[11:43] Selecting the URL for your dedicated podcast website

[20:15] Introduction to Intro and Outro Scripts / how to hire a voiceover artist

[30:04] Crafting your Intro Script

[34:14] Crafting your Outro Script

[44:00] Crafting your Commercials to pitch your own offers / repeat of how to hire a voiceover artist

[58:58] Closing / next steps

Download the slides from this Module in PDF format