It’s life.

Customers and clients leave you.

Sometimes they find what they think is a better deal elsewhere.

Or they’ve achieved complete success working with you and there’s just no more work to do.

Or they ran out of money and have to drop out, but really want to come back later once things gets better.

Maybe you’re in a business where every deal is at least technically a one-time deal.


A Very Common Reason Clients And Customers
Leave Has To Do With The “Circle Of Life”

Simply: you’ve done everything for them you can right now, and in this moment they need different things you just don’t offer.

But what if you expand your services to include things they need later?

Or, they leave you because they need to go “next-level”, but then you leapfrog and become the “new next-level” above the company they left you for?

Being a MEMORABLE In-Demand Expert™ who continues to show up in their news feed lets them know:

  • You’re still around, and you’ve grown to meet their new need
  • You now offer that thing they would have paid you to deliver before, had you offered it, and they really want to come back
  • The new business you’re in now just happens to be the thing they need right now (neither of you had thought of it before)

Letting them see you making a difference for your community, market, and audience (in other words, THEM) gives them an opportunity to find their way back to you.

IS The Grass Greener On The Other Side
Of The Fence?

The S.P.R.I.N.G. Formula that serves as the foundation for my book, Groundhog Day is an Event, Not a Business Strategy, is all about growing the greener grass on YOUR side of the fence.

So, your client or customer left you for the competition.

How’s that working out… really?

Any second thoughts or buyers’ remorse on their part?

Then, one day they see you on somebody’s podcast, livestream, radio show, or webinar.

You’re doing better than ever.

Heck, it even sounds to them like you learned your lesson.

Your competitor just isn’t working out the way they expected.

Now, here you are, inviting them to come back home by showing them YOUR intersection of YOUR brilliance and YOUR passion, better than ever!

Like that old song says: “If ever you’re in my arms again… this time…”

When Is Now The Best Time To Get Back
That Lovin’ Feeling You Thought Was Lost?

Hosting your own show also creates opportunities for you to gain additional exposure that could get you back in front of those previous clients and customers who would come back, if they could just see the door is still open.

Claim your rightful slice of the pie and become a MEMORABLE In-Demand Expert™ today!

Thrive from YOUR intersection of YOUR brilliance and YOUR passion.

Make a difference for your community, market, and audience!