As an Amazon best-seller, getting the best-seller badge used to be pretty simple.

Assign the Kindle version of your book to a little-used but totally relevant sub-category.

Drop the Kindle price to 99 cents.

Get everyone you know to buy the Kindle version at the same time.

Wait for #1 to come your way.

Amazon caught on to this – and while they are supportive of authors becoming best-sellers using their platform, they can’t have people gaming their system because, obviously.

Good news for you:

Becoming An Amazon Best-Seller Is More
Sustainable And Valuable Than Ever

Emphasis on sustainable, because Amazon has a vested interest in you visiting their platform regularly, and encouraging a steady stream of visitors who are likely to purchase more than just one thing.

Here are just some of the factors Amazon looks for when it comes to your book:

  • A steady stream of purchasers over time – this means you can become a best-seller over and over again
  • Lots of detailed, quality reviews submitted by Verified Purchasers of your book
  • This specifically includes not every review being Five-Star – actually, a 4.5 overall rating can be better than a 5.0 overall rating

Basically, some persistently consistent marketing and sales.

The New Media Makes You A Best-Seller
(And Keeps You One Over Time)

Previously, we showed you how your interviews on podcasts, livestreams, radio shows, and webinars help you write your book fast.

Once that’s out of the way, being a MEMORABLE In-Demand Expert™ on New Media can make your book a sustainable Amazon Best-Seller in many ways.

Here are just a few that you can get started on right away:

  • Once you know your book launch date, get booked on as many shows as you can, and ask your hosts if your episode can run the day you begin selling your book (if not, then shortly after)
  • Having numerous episodes about your book hit the New Media airwaves at about the same time creates marketing buzz
  • Have a short, catchy domain pointing to either a landing page or your Amazon listing – for my book I selected the domain because it’s easy for someone to type into their device right now (and remember for later)
  • Keep your Kindle price low to encourage emotion-driven purchases by listeners who are getting to know YOUR brilliance and YOUR passion while listening to you live
  • Work with your hosts and update your One-Sheet to ensure your next series of bookings have titles and descriptions optimized to gain traction on search engines
  • When setting up your Amazon Author Profile, have it auto-feed posts from your blog so the posts you’ll make about your guest appearances (as well as posts about episodes of your own show) show up on Amazon, too

Yep, sometimes it’s the little things that make a big difference, when you make them into a consistent and sustainable practice!

All Of Your New Media Interviews Will
Contribute To Your Best-Seller Success

Through our certification process for New Media guests, we work with you one-on-one to optimize your marketing and conversation for search engines to keep you rising in the rankings.

When is now the best time to claim your rightful slice of the pie and become a MEMORABLE In-Demand Expert™ today?

Thrive from YOUR intersection of YOUR brilliance and YOUR passion.

Make a difference for your community, market, and audience!