When hosting a seminar or live event, putting butts in seats is critical to your success.

Venue and logistics can be expensive, so you need to fill X number of seats just to cover your costs.

Then, you need qualified prospects in the room who are highly likely to buy your products, invest in your services, or enroll in your mastermind program.

Where do you find enough people who will commit to spending 2 or 3 days with you, plus travel, plus the opportunity cost of being in your seminar room instead of out on the street hustling (so to speak)?

Podcasts, livestreams, radio shows, and webinars.

That’s right:

New Media Hosting And Guesting
Fills Your Event (And Mastermind)

One of our longtime clients hosts a popular business seminar in various cities around the United States that normally seats 50 people.

Part of the audience (50%) are his existing mastermind members, who come running because they enjoy being part of “the family”.

The rest of the seats (50%) are intended for new attendees who will hopefully join his Mastermind.

Putting the two groups in the same room is part of the magic; New Media does the rest.

Every time he announces a new seminar date, he sets a powerful, audacious intention:

  • Interview 50 guests on his twice-weekly podcast who could become his attendees
  • Get interviewed on 50 shows hosted by people who could come to his event and/or invite their audience to do so

Every one of his events has been 100% “SOLD OUT” and his usual close-ratio for prospects attending each event is over 80%.

Not bad, not bad at all!

Can You Do 100 Interviews In 100 Days
To Get 20 High-Paying Clients?

This is absolutely doable when you keep the following in mind:

  • Because of the fierce competition to get booked on shows, it’s important to start right away
  • Some of your bookings will be highly targeted; others will be mass-market shows
  • NEVER turn down an opportunity; you never know who may be listening
  • As a host, be prepared to increase your own show volume to get 50 guests sharing their interview on your show as quickly as possible
  • The more shares happening, the more buzz about your upcoming event

MEMORABLE In-Demand Experts™
Get More New Clients Every Day

When you claim your Guest Certification and/or Host Jumpstart, we’ll show you how to structure the conversation so that whether you’re the host or the guest, you’re planting seeds that lead to filling your event.

If you need a certain kind of attendee, we can even help you find the right people to interview.

When is now the best time to claim your rightful slice of the pie and become a MEMORABLE In-Demand Expert™ today?

Thrive from YOUR intersection of YOUR brilliance and YOUR passion.

Make a difference for your community, market, and audience!