Getting refocused after any significant interruption in your work can take, according to an article on Fast Company called “Worker, Interrupted: The Cost of Task Switching” by Kermit Pattison, up to 23 minutes and 15 seconds.

That’s the real-time cost of taking that phone call real quick while you’re in the middle of something.

Now how much does it really cost to let someone invite you to “coffee” to “pick your brain”  or “explore opportunities” together?

Let’s add it up.

The coffee shop is 15 minutes away, so there’s a half-hour just commuting.

Add an hour for ramping down what you’re working on before you go, then ramping back up when you get back.

The meeting itself, if you’re lucky, will be over in just 90 minutes.

We’re ALREADY at 3 hours just to slurp some overpriced latte.

Then add the opportunity cost of what you COULD be using those same three hours for – what’s your rate – $500/hour?

Too rich for my blood – and yours.

Here’s the good news:

Being A MEMORABLE In-Demand Expert™
No More Brain-Picking
And No More Coffee Slurping

The moment someone invites me to “coffee” to “explore opportunities”, or makes some comment about how cool it would be to “pick my brain”, the conversation typically goes something like this:

ME: I don’t drink coffee, and you’re not inserting any picks into my brain.


ME: No, no. It’s not like that. Hold up a sec. You got a podcast?

THEM: As a matter of fact, I do.

ME: Great. Have me on your show and promote the hell out of it to your audience and I’ll answer your questions. I can do that from anywhere, and not only will it save us both two hours each, but I won’t have to pretend I like coffee – I don’t.

THEM: Sounds good to me! Send me your one-sheet and go to my booking link here to set up the date and time.

If they don’t have a podcast, I’ll suggest they do a livestream with me to their audience or have me as their next webinar guest.

See How This Works?  You Get Introduced
To New Potential Clients, Too.

Now, not only are you saving thousands of dollars by avoiding “coffee”, but you’re growing your audience and building your brand at the same time.

You’ve set the expectation that the person asking for your time will promote the episode heavily to their audience.

They gain more than they originally bargained for, because you’ll happily do the same thing for them.

(Explain this to them if they try to insist on “personal connections” meeting “face to face” or whatever.)

As a CERTIFIED and MEMORABLE In-Demand Expert™, you’ll receive personalized training on how to structure the conversation so it might actually lead to something other than a thank-you note.

One More Thing, And I’ll Just
Come Out And Say It

When I want to pick someone’s brain, I invite them to be my guest on the next fantastic episode of the Business Creators’ Radio Show.

You can do likewise by hosting your own show.

When is now the best time to claim your rightful slice of the pie and become a MEMORABLE In-Demand Expert™ today?

Thrive from YOUR intersection of YOUR brilliance and YOUR passion.

Make a difference for your community, market, and audience!