Standing out with a quality information product from the horde and glut of offerings already on the market can be a challenge.

What is a quality information product, anyway?

First and foremost, it solves your purchaser’s problem and gets them results.

It should be organized, content-rich, and allow them to consume the material however they like.

So you record videos, strip out separate audio files, and provide quality transcripts.

To command a higher price-point and help your purchasers become your long-term clients and mastermind members, you may want to include workbooks (ideal if you’re seeking corporate-training gigs) and downloadable tools.

That’s a lot.

Ready to quit?


Stay with me.

Good news:

Being A MEMORABLE In-Demand Expert™
Gets Your Product Ready A Lot Faster

As you’ll see, your options here are very similar to how you leverage podcasts, livestreams, radio shows, and webinars to write your book fast.

You could create a blog and use your product’s table of contents to write 90 posts in 90 days.

Because you’re involving your audience in the process, and getting them excited about each day’s installment, you’ll have the motivation to create all the content you need for your product (or products, depending how prolific you are) in no time flat.

The real-time feedback you get from fans will even make it a better product.

Of course, you’ll want to take most of the posts down, and repurpose the rest into product-launch content, once you’re done.

You can start your own podcast and speak out your content one product segment a time, allowing the expectations of your loyal fans and followers to keep your engine running.

Do the original recordings as videos, of course, so you feed two cats with one can of Avoderm.

Involving Other Shows Also Gets Your
Product Created And Launched Faster

Are you the type who creates your best content when someone else is pulling it out of you?

Great – that works too!

Get booked on shows and interviewed on the topics you need to get your content out.

For a $1997 product, about 15 content-rich interviews, combined with what else you’ll add as you pull it together, should do it.

Get the recordings transcribed so you can edit them into video scripts, modify them into workbooks and tools, and build your modules.

Need bonuses?  How about doing a few interviews or webinars for other audiences you can include in your product?

Or bring MEMORABLE In-Demand Experts™ onto your own webinars?  (Don’t offer replays.)

Get That Product Into The New Media
And Get It Launched Faster Than Ever

As part of the coaching that comes with our Certification Program, we can show you how to tailor your expertise intentionally and create the content you need for your product.

If you need interesting guests for your bonus videos who aren’t “the same nine guys”, we’ll find them for you.

When is now the best time to claim your rightful slice of the pie and become a MEMORABLE In-Demand Expert™ today?

Thrive from YOUR intersection of YOUR brilliance and YOUR passion.

Make a difference for your community, market, and audience!